Born in the late 1960's to a working class family from Lynn, Massachusetts I spent my teenage years in central NH. Working at my fathers gas station for several years during the 1980's I learned how to repair and gained an appreciation of all vehicles. I have owned several classic cars (none in very good shape) and I have a great appreciation for rusty gold. Drawing on my extensive background with vintage vehicles my desire is to try to convey the feel of the rust, the smell of the old gas and oil as well as the quiet and distinguished decent into decay that these wonderful old vehicles display. I primarily work with acrylics and watercolor.

Cartooning and animation, especially classic Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, etc.., has had a major influence on all of my work. The precise lines, timing, slapstick and artistic design fascinates me to this day. My Pickles McGee character is somewhat modeled after those beloved old toons.

I also have a love of cartography and pyrography. Growing up I always had maps tacked to the walls of my room and who doesn't like playing with fire? I enjoy making fantasy maps on old wood tables, leather and pretty much anything I can use my pyrography tools on.