All Cracked Up

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All Cracked Up picture book. 

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It was the worst day ever and it wasn't even time for breakfast. Tag along with Pickles McGee as she struggles to help a little friend with a big problem. Overbite's fishbowl is cracked and it's all her fault. The race is on to plug the leak but when that fails Pickles slips on her thinking cap and really gets to work. In the end she discovers that even the best and brightest plans don't always work out quite the way she expects. This picture book is geared towards the 4-7 year old crowd but is for children of all ages. A fun story about a little girl, her goldfish and a quest that takes her from her bedroom to the dark underside of a yard sale table on the other side of town. She finds what she wants in the end but whether or not she'll get it - that is the question.